United we stand!

After multiple house searches, arrests and house arrests in Rome and Milan in November 2012, yet again on Monday morning at least 13 students and activists from Padova have been affected by state repression. This repression must be seen as an answer to the european mobilization for the general strike on November 14, where thousands of people in numerous italian cities marched against those responsible for crisis – the governments and banks. This is a new wave of repression against those parts of the movement, that were able to break the silence in italian society this past autumn. In Padova, as in many other cities in Italy and Europe, thousands of students, workers and people living in precarious conditions filled the streets with noise, courage and anger.

The violence of the police on that day and the present repression are evidence of the incapacity of the state towards unfaltering motions striving for freedom of movement, living space and free education and which are struggling against authoritarian crisis policy. We declare our solidarity with our italian comrades and friends, because your struggle is ours as well! Against austerity we set our transnational solidarity and our vision of a society free of domination! Liber* tutt* – freedom for our friends and comrades!

Interventionistische Linke, 08.01.2013